We are INTOS series over!

We are INTOS series over!

Most who know and follow INTOS will not have missed it. The videos that regularly appeared online on the various INTOS channels. Throughout the year, we've shared short, unmissable videos of about 1 minute. The plan came about at the end of last year, in which we thought it would be nice to include outsiders in the story of INTOS. What keeps us busy all day? Which topics are relevant and tell people outside INTOS who we are and what we do?

We started brainstorming with this idea and soon found out that there is a lot to tell about our company. As a result, we now tell a story with 20 short videos, showing who we are, what we do and what we encounter in our daily work.

In these videos, various protagonists take you on a journey, each with its own subject. If you are not yet familiar with INTOS or are looking for information on a specific topic, it is definitely worth a look and gives you a lot of knowledge about our company. Whether it's about the products we work with, the culture that prevails in our company or what we do in the direction of laboratories, there is a lot to discuss.

Here's an overview of the main topics:

1. What we do

2. History

3. Outfitting

4. Corona

5. Renovation

6. Laboratories

7. Mobility

8. Facility Services

9. Solid Surface

10. Airports

11. Trainings

12. Safety

13. Milling

14. Medical sector

15. Hybrid counter

16. Architects

17. Sustainability

18. Culture & Recruitment

19. Fume cupboard

20. The renovation 2.0


Missed a video and would you like to watch it again? The playlist can be found here:

We hope this will be a source of inspiration for others, and of course we would love to hear what you think of the videos.