This is how INTOS handles the coronavirus

This is how INTOS handles the coronavirus

Health and co-operation are important values for INTOS. The coronavirus demands a flexible approach from everyone. We have to put our own health and that of everyone in our environment first. To keep doing our work like we always do we have taken some measures to limit the spreading of the virus.

We keep a close eye on all the developments and measures from the government and take these very seriously. We are in direct contact with the RIVM, the Dutch health services, who advise us. Seeing that this situation is very unpredictable we are adjusting our policy daily. In a companywide WhatssApp group we can inform our employees directly about new measures.

INTOS is very strict about keeping the hygienic measures that are set by the government. We minimize personal contact during work hours and we have asked the people that can work from home to do so. We will be in contact with our customers by email, phone and videoconference. Also we have postponed events and business trips.

By taking these precaution’s we hope to keep everyone in our environment healthy, provide a safe work environment and limit the spread of the virus.