The Unilever Global Foods Innovation Centre has opened!

The Unilever Global Foods Innovation Centre has opened!

On December 6th, 2019 the Unilever Foods Innovation Centre in Wageningen, NL has opened its doors. INTOS has made and installed all the fixed interior for the new location. The past months a large amount of work was done to get everything finished in time for the grand opening by King Willem Alexander.

In March 2019 the building  had already received two prestigious BREEAM-NL Outstanding awards, an international award for sustainable contracting.  The interior also fits into this picture. The frames of the pantry’s are reused in a recognizable way to carry out the circular message to the users. A large part of the furniture was made out of recycled materials. The stage in the entrance hall is made out of residual wood and all the oak that is used comes from old train carriages. There are even cabinets made out of plastic waste.

unilever_podium_277x240.jpg‘Fokkema&Partners Architects involved us during the circular process and used our knowledge . By keeping the dimensions of our panels in mind while designing the interior, we were able to work as efficiently as possible and minimize waste.’ Says Marnix Heemskerk, Project Director and Partner at INTOS.

In the Hive of Unilever, food experts work together to find healthy and sustainable innovations in food, like how to reduce unwanted nutrients and the development of sustainable packaging. New products are developed and tested in the test factory named Pilot Plant.


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