SPITS Laboratory Alkmaar

SPITS Laboratory Alkmaar

SPITS is a company specialized in the delivery of automatically packed medicines to pharmacies. This method of drug delivery significantly increases the quality and safety for the patients. With locations in Alkmaar, Apeldoorn and Oosterwolde, Spits provides tailor-made dispensing of medicines to many pharmacies in the country.

Due to the strong growth within the pharmaceutical sector, the Alkmaar location was due for expansion. The current 2,000m² building will therefore be expanded by another 5,000m² at the beginning of 2021. In addition, the current building has undergone the necessary renovation. The new Spits Alkmaar will provide space for a mix of offices and open-plan offices, auditoriums, meeting rooms, a fitness room and a canteen. But also our own cleanroom of about 1,000m² to process all medicines yourself.

INTOS Lab Solutions has been able to supply the furniture for the new cleanroom. Due to the extensive experience in cleanroom environments and the good cooperation with the cleanroom builder and the customer, a pleasant working environment has been created. INTOS Lab Solutions was responsible for the changing rooms (locks) with dispenser cabinets, shoe cabinets, rinsing furniture and transfer benches. The cleanroom contains tables, cabinets and special demolition workplaces. Tailor-made dispensing cabinets have also been installed to allow medication to be moved between the different classes of rooms.

The biggest challenge in this project was to create a workplace with an integrated dust cupboard (a workplace with extraction that is validated annually). The dust cupboard itself was not the most complicated, but the combination with a high-low system for the workplace made this a challenging job. However, INTOS Lab Solutions has succeeded in ensuring the workplace and the safety of that workplace. The table with dust cupboard and the back wall, where the filter tray with flexible extraction stroke is located, forms one whole. This creates the basis for the employee to work ergonomically in a safe working environment.

With the design of the new SPITS cleanroom, INTOS Lab Solutions has shown that they not only know what they are doing, but also want to take on a challenge to create something that others do not have.