Rivíera Maison

Rivíera Maison

Rivièra Maison is now a well-known name for most people. With more than 600 points of sale worldwide and 17 stores in the Netherlands, that should come as no surprise. Rivièra Maison offers an exclusive collection of more than 2500 self-designed products. Each product is unique and is created by original handicraft, made in workshops all over the world. With different collections In various product categories, spaces in and around the house are designed and Rivièra Maison is growing more and more into a leading interior brand.

Last month, the largest indoor experience shopping center in the Netherlands was opened; Westfield - Mall of the Netherlands. Rivièra was eager to launch their new concept here with their 17th store; Rivièra Maison Store 2.0. With this unique concept, the products are highlighted in a special way and customers can receive tailor-made advice and have products personalized.

INTOS was only too happy to be able to furnish a large part of the interior of this new 2.0 store. Because INTOS has done shop furnishing more often, INTOS was able to quickly meet Rivièra's wishes and deliver the project within 5 weeks. The time pressure was enormous and because almost every store had to meet this deadline and had to phase out and move in, it was very chaotic in Westfield. In addition, of course, the Corona measures had to be taken into account, which made it a huge logistical challenge.

In addition to the logistical challenge of getting everything in place on time, there were also some hurdles to overcome with regard to material use. Very specific tiling was requested to be used in the furniture. Precisely how the tiles would appear in the interior had to be looked at. Cutting tiles were not allowed to be used. That resulted in a lot of customization, but with a result to be very proud of.

Despite the time pressure and the challenges to be overcome, we managed to satisfy the customer and deliver the interior on time.