Relocation of radiation-proof test rooms

Relocation of radiation-proof test rooms

In November 2020, Varex Imaging moved to Doetinchem. A new, comfortable and spacious building has been built there, which is equipped for the future. Varex Imaging develops and produces components for medical and industrial X-ray equipment. Many of these products are covered by the Medical Device Directive. That is why the requirements for quality and product safety are high. INTOS has moved the radiation-proof test rooms and built two more of these “lead cages”.

The relationship between Varex and INTOS has existed for years. In 2012, we built four of the current six test rooms at the previous address in Dinxperlo. The demands at the time were clear; radiation safety had to be guaranteed, the construction simple but suitable for intensive use. Think of the heavy lead sliding doors, the constant movement of this weight requires a strong construction of the cage. The modular construction method that INTOS uses here also ensures that all parts are suitable for reuse. This ensures that the material is retained during a move, which has a favorable effect on controlling costs. Additional requirements were set for the two new berths to be built: one of the entrance doors must be able to be replaced by a sliding hatch in the future. Such adjustments are not difficult in themselves, but in this case we must always continue to guarantee the radiation density, also in the future. Sustainability is of paramount importance to INTOS and by building smart we ensure that the parts of these cages last a very long time, and also remain functional during adjustments and after relocations. We like to think along in the run-up to such projects where we want to fulfill the package of requirements within the available budgets without compromising safety and the environment.


For more information about our radiation-tight rooms, please contact:
Maarten van Steenis, project director