Open days HMC again a great success!

Open days HMC again a great success!

The new year has started and we look forward again. The HMC, the wood and furniture college in Amsterdam, traditionally has a number of open days in January to enthuse new students for one of the courses.

INTOS has had close ties with this school for years and that is why we could not miss the open days this year. Many of the people who eventually came to work for us have stayed after an internship period. Due to our close cooperation with the HMC, we often receive students from the HMC for an internship.

The HMC trains students to become creative professionals for whom there is a place in the labor market now and in the future. When you follow a course at the HMC, you not only learn to master a trade to perfection. You will also acquire the skills needed to continue developing throughout your working life. As an employer, INTOS fits in perfectly with this.

Hilde Plak, HR employee at INTOS, was also present at the Open Day. "Nice to show young ambitious students where they could end up. This can be after they have finished school, or for an internship during their education. This gives them a good perspective for the future!".

All in all, there was a lot of enthusiasm among the visitors and both the HMC and INTOS could speak of 2 successful open days.