'Artful' mobile lead walls

'Artful' mobile lead walls

Tuesday 3 April 2018

As one of the largest suppliers of lead glass in the Netherlands, INTOS also produces mobile lead walls. Lead glass and walls protect against electromagnetic radiation (X-ray and gamma radiation) used in medical and technical researches. Mobile lead walls are used when there is no space or desire for a fixed wall and are used in hospitals, but also in research and testing centers.

X-ray art research

An exceptional request came to us: one of the largest museums in the Netherlands asked INTOS to supply two mobile lead walls. The museum conducts X-ray based research to study art objects. With this knowledge they can start a suitable restoration process.

Flexible, safe and beautifuldubbele_loodwanden.jpg

The realized mobile lead walls look well designed. The frame and the bottom panel are in nice contrast with the stainless steel frame. The color is also striking; these lead walls are made of anthracite, in contrast to the white walls often made for hospitals. In addition, the wide window offers optimal visibility. In short: the result may be there! Fortunately, functionality can also be beautiful.

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