Law firm Rotterdam

Law firm Rotterdam

A 31 year old building, 5000 m2 of office space to be renovated using an extra floor for the temporary workplaces; a tight schedule. The shell base is interesting: the offices are curved around a core and the floors have a slight slope! Following the work of the wall builders, the finishing of ceilings and floors, Mark Koops' team was able to get started with this great challenge.

The design is by Fokkema & Partners and the project supervision is with STONE Project Management. The new design of the initially closed structure of the offices is aimed at a spatial, open environment. Using glass walls and cupboard walls, private offices have been created with sufficient privacy but in keeping with the transparency of the whole. INTOS makes a large number of parts of the permanent interior, such as the cabinet walls with the interior, tights, printing furniture, but also magnetic whiteboards. Each phase consists of the renovation of one floor, whereby INTOS always has 3 weeks to move in and install the furniture.


Although every floor is always the same, the challenge lies in placing the cupboard walls because of the difference in level in the floors. The lines of the cabinets had to remain the same as the lines that are reflected in the walls. Logistics is not easy either. Because the available lift is not large enough, a telehandler must always be used, which can then be placed in the heart of Rotterdam on a Saturday morning after obtaining a permit! And all this under the critical gaze of the BOAs. We can count on the cooperation of many colleagues who want to spend part of the Saturday moving in, with an extra croissant for Raymond!


When finishing the furniture, use is made of recycled and untreated leather, among other things. This in combination with Caesarstone and Oak veneer results in a luxurious look. It is in particular the coordination of these materials with the environment that contributes to an office where light, tranquility, overview and warmth determine the atmosphere.