INTOS sponsors the Muggenronde for the 16th year

INTOS sponsors the Muggenronde for the 16th year

For the 16th year, INTOS has sponsored the Muggenronde, the cycling spectacle for the youth of Haarlem and its surrounding cities. As a company from Haarlem with many cycling fanatics, this sponsorship is almost a matter of course. To the event, which always takes place at the end of August, an average of 90 children annually take part between 9 and 15 years old. These children are divided over a small twenty sponsored cycling teams.

Cycling as a social event intos_muggenronde_team_2018.jpg

During the Muggenronde (directly translated as the Mosquito round which referrers to the nickname of the inhabitants of Haarlem called Mosquitos)  every child can participate for free with his / her own bike. There are daily tests for speed and agility. With this, prizes can be won by the teams. But that is not the most important thing. It is a social event that makes sport accessible, connects people (participants and employees) and giving them the feeling that they belong.

Performance INTOS cycling team

INTOS always sponsors a cycling team. "This is already the 16th year that INTOS sponsors and this year the men from the INTOS team were extremely strong! They gained the third place in the team classification. On the faces of all participants and volunteers, I saw a big smile again this year. That makes the 61st Muggenronde again successful", said Ben Prins, chairman of the Haarlem Muggenronde Foundation.

Chairman Muggenronde passes on the torch muggenronde_2018_ben_prins_krijgt_speld_opgespeld.jpg

Ben Prins has volunteered for the Muggenronde for 15 years and last Saturday he received the mosquito of merit, a golden mosquito pin. "I joined the very first INTOS team and volunteered for 15 years. From back driver and builder, to board chairman. The Muggenronde is a unique event that binds many children and young people with its sporting character. I am incredibly proud of that. I leave it with peace of mind, because there are plenty of enthusiasts who take over the torch. Up to the 100th edition of the Muggenronde!”.