INTOS sponsors open air theater Caprera

INTOS sponsors open air theater Caprera

Open air theater Caprera in Bloemendaal starts its summer season 2019 in the first weekend of May. INTOS has sponsored this local cultural initiative for years. The coming season is no exception. They organize a vast variety of performances in the middle of nature. This combination makes for a special night out. INTOS is proud to contribute to the theater and to help preserve this unique establishment.

INTOS often invites her clients and relations to the shows. Usually to close the day after a session to exchange knowledge between INTOS and her relations. After an interactive afternoon gaining knowledge about interior construction or different materials, we end the day with a show in the open air. At INTOS we all enjoy a visit to the theater ourselves as well.

Caprera was founded about 70 years ago as an initiative of one hundred befriended locals. They all donated a thousand guilders that they used to build the theater. What started as a local movement has now evolved to one of the most beautiful open air theaters of The Netherlands. Caprera also includes a garden of 40 hectares with extensive hiking trails. The park is part of Zuid-Kennemerland and has a unique ecosystem with more than 180 different plants and trees, it even has a lake. A wonderful spot to celebrate the summer. The season starts on Saturday may 4th until Saturday September 21st.

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