INTOS purchases adjacent property for expansion

INTOS purchases adjacent property for expansion

Proudly and with faith in the future INTOS recently purchased a property adjacent to it. As a consequence of the growth that INTOS has experienced in recent years, the expansion of both office and production space have become necessary. In order to house all of the 120 employees properly, so that everyone can continue to develop.

INTOS believes wholeheartedly in the future. This purchase, which will make us the official owners of the adjacent property from 1 May 2015, will also double our floor space and dovetails perfectly into our plans for growth. This will allow for the creation of an entirely new working environment.

We are currently in consultation to jointly form a structural plan that is integrated with our vision for the future. This expansion provides us with many opportunities for further increasing the efficiency of our work.

A milestone in the history of INTOS of which we are proud.