INTOS now part of the KRION Quality Network

INTOS now part of the KRION Quality Network

Since the 4th of September 2019 INTOS is part of the KRION Quality Network. KRION is a solid surface material developed by Porcelanosa Group. INTOS was tested by strict admission requirements. An external bureau looked at the quality of the processing of the material and the technical skills of INTOS, which more than met the high standards that KRION determined. This gives INTOS and the client a 10 year guarantee.

krion_samples_intos_krion_quality_network.jpgKRION exists for two thirds out of minerals and is easy to manipulate. It can be thermo bended and seamlessly invisible glued together. It is a non-porous and sustainable material that is antibacterial and fire-resistant. For those reasons it is a favorite material within INTOS. ‘The material is perfect for surfaces that can be handled rough or need to be cleaned easily. That’s why we use it regularly for all sorts of counters at offices, hospitals and airports.’ Says Hans Mollen, Purchasing Manager at INTOS.

INTOS works with solid surface materials for decades and is a specialist at processing it. The company features the largest oven in the Benelux that can bend large surfaces. INTOS also processes Corian and is a member of the Dupont Corian Quality Network.


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