INTOS Lab Solutions renews lab spaces at HAN

INTOS Lab Solutions renews lab spaces at HAN

INTOS Lab Solutions has been active in the laboratory world for a number of years. Last year, the HAN application was submitted through a European tender. HAN is the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen. Together with companies from the region, they look for sustainable solutions here; solutions that are smart, clean and social. Day in day out, students are busy doing research to come up with smart solutions. This naturally includes facilities that support this research and education as well as possible.

At the end of November 2020, INTOS Lab Solutions received a tender to adapt and renovate various areas of the HAN. INTOS Lab Solutions has registered for this because of its extensive experience in this industry. The furnishing of a number of laboratory spaces needed to be replaced and the wish was to completely renew them. In concrete terms, this involved the installation of new storage cabinets, laboratory tables and fume cupboards. Due to the diversity of research that is done, the types of laboratory tables differ in construction and design. For example, the material of the worktop can differ and the height of the tables can vary due to the different frames that are used. In addition, there are many different types of taps, such as compressed air taps, nitrogen taps, demineralized water taps and gas taps. These are placed in a column or bridge that is built on top of the lab tables. In addition to the refurbishment of various laboratory spaces, spaces have also been modernized and redesigned by INTOS Lab Solutions. The new fume cupboards that have been installed provide a safe working environment for the users.


The spaces that INTOS Lab Solutions has renovated are all used very intensively by the students of HAN. That is why it was of great importance to think carefully in advance about the layout of these spaces so that they can last for a long time. This was at the same time a challenging and instructive project for both INTOS Lab Solutions and HAN.