INTOS Lab Solutions helps horticultural researcher with new furniture

INTOS Lab Solutions helps horticultural researcher with new furniture

INTOS Lab Solutions has been asked to help renovate their laboratory for a large horticultural researcher. This project was successfully completed last fall.

This organization examines, inspects seed and plant material and tests for diseases and pests. This allows the horticultural entrepreneurs to trade their plant material all over the world. Together with companies, organizations and governments - nationally and internationally - they share knowledge to learn and innovate. Good, healthy and reliable high-quality propagating material and suitable varieties for horticultural entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

Good facilities are very important to ensure that the research runs smoothly on a daily basis. Given the large amount of spaces that had to be renovated, the project was divided into different phases. New laboratory furniture was installed during this project to create an optimal working environment for each department. Laboratory furniture includes laboratory tables, different types of base cabinets and safety cabinets. But INTOS Lab Solutions has also installed new fume cupboards and an integrated balance table has been built. In addition to installing new furniture, some of the existing furniture has also been reused.

A total of 600 m2 of laboratory space has been renovated and 17 rooms have been done. In addition, 150 linear meters of lab table have been installed. A large, intensive assignment that required good cooperation between the various parties. This is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the project is delivered on time, so that important work in the lab does not come to a standstill for too long.

The project fits in well with the knowledge and skills of INTOS Lab Solutions in recent years. Placing new laboratory furniture in combination with the reuse of furniture falls under the Greenlab Service service that INTOS Lab Solutions offers. By thinking along with the client, no unnecessary costs are incurred, and rooms still get a completely new look (for more information about Greenlab Service or INTOS Lab Solutions, visit the website