INTOS is making sustainable interior for Unilever

INTOS is making sustainable interior for Unilever

INTOS is realizing the furniture for the new Unilever Global Foods Innovation Centre located in Wageningen. The building opens its doors in the autumn of 2019. The central theme of the new location is durability. On March 4th 2019 the building received two prestigious BREEAM Awards, the international award for sustainable constructing. INTOS will build an interior that fits right in. The furniture will be made out of recycled material and parts of the original interior will be reused in the new design.

Reusing furniture
The furniture that is currently being used in the office of Unilever will be reused in the new interior in a recognizable way. This means that when you open a kitchen cupboard, you might just come across an original door on the inside. This is only an example of how various parts of furniture will be recycled to the new location. INTOS, Unilever and Fokkema&Partners Architects worked together to come up with creative ways to recycle and produce a beautiful end product at the same time. The goal is to create an inspiring workspace that invites innovation.

intos_nieuws_credits_fokkema_partners_arhitecten_2.jpgRecycled material
The architects of the building put a lot of thought into themes such as health, flexibility, use of energy, materials and circularity. This will also reflect in the interior. The furniture will be made with recycled material such as melamine chipboard that is made out of 75% recycled material and 25% sustainably produced wood. There will even be a couple of furniture pieces that are completely made out of plastic that was fished from the ocean.

Small CO2 Footprint
INTOS also thinks about wrapping and transporting the furniture. For example, less plastic is used by using packing material that can be reused, such as blankets. This way we are leaving as small of a CO2 Footprint as possible.