INTOS donates ‘Join the Pipe’ water tap point to Bandaraban

INTOS donates ‘Join the Pipe’ water tap point to Bandaraban

On behalf of INTOS, a ‘Join the Pipe’ water tap point was installed in Bandarban, Bangladesh, in November 2014. Through purchasing this tap point, INTOS has contributed to the longest water pipe in the world, the objective of which is to provide as many people as possible with clean drinking water.

INTOS attaches great value to social commitment and sustainable and environmentally aware enterprise. A Join the Pipe tap point ties in with these values. More people around the world share our dream of distributing drinking water fairly. More than one billion people still do not have access to clean drinking water, even though we use around 70 litres per day, for flushing the toilet alone.

Join the Pipe is the first social network of tap water drinkers. A tap point has also been installed at INTOS. This is how INTOS finances a water and sanitary project in a developing country. Through drinking tap water, you also help to reduce the massive quantity of plastic refuse and CO2 emissions caused by the production and transport of plastic cups and bottled water. From today, INTOS will not buy any more water in packs or bottles.