How does INTOS organize a knowledge session nowadays?

How does INTOS organize a knowledge session nowadays?

The spring of 2021 is near and the renovation of the new part at INTOS in Haarlem is almost finished. In addition, we also hope that we will almost come out of the pandemic that has occupied us for so long. But we are always busy at INTOS. That is why the idea for a unique event arose.

One of the things we organize on a regular basis is knowledge sessions. Normally we like to show interested parties what we do here and we take them here at INTOS into the world of interior construction. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible due to the pandemic, so we have to anticipate this at the moment.


When we were asked to organize a knowledge session with Olivier + Partners architects, we did not have to think long. We are happy to tell about our profession and certainly to interested parties with whom we have a good relationship. We also have some experience with setting up a webinar (in collaboration with the Rasfilm company). But doing it this way was completely new again. Not only because we wanted to show our new part, which is now really almost ready. But also because we wanted to bring interaction with people on the other side of the image, so that everyone felt the involvement and stayed focused.


Arjan Andriessen, project director at INTOS in the direction of all projects in the medical field, opened the webinar and made a short proposal round. He then took the architects on the other side into the world of materials and details. After a lot of questions back and forth, the baton was taken over by Marnix Heemskerk, also project director at INTOS. Marnix heads the Maintenance team and was fascinated by, among other things, the question of how we deal with sustainability within INTOS.


We can only conclude that it has been a very successful webinar. By allowing everyone to speak and the opportunity to ask questions, it became an interactive knowledge session in which both INTOS and Oliver + Partners architects were able to learn a lot from each other. It was therefore difficult to achieve this in 1.5 hours, but with a small delay it was still successful and everyone was very satisfied with the session and cooperation.