Haarlem City Theater

Haarlem City Theater

If any industry has been hit hard in the past year, it is the events industry. Cinemas, festivals but also the theaters were not allowed to receive visitors. Stadsschouwburg Haarlem has also experienced this. They were forced to remain closed for months and no performances took place.

But the standstill of society also had some advantages. Time was now freed up to think about various maintenance activities that normally could only have taken place later because of the amount of performances that had been different. And at a busy and popular location such as the old classic Haarlem City Theater there is always room for improvement. That is why this was an excellent time to pay attention to this and to think carefully about the redesign of certain areas and rooms within the theatre.


Together with Studio Linse, a renowned interior design studio from Amsterdam, the points for attention were carefully reviewed, taking into account the appearance of the theater. Studio Linse loves charismatic locations, would like to respect the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. The Stadsschouwburg in Haarlem fits perfectly into this picture and that is why this collaboration turned out to be a bull's-eye.


The classical twist of the theater had to be preserved, while it also had to radiate a certain tranquility to the visitors. There was also a desire to bring more unity to the interior. By working with certain recurring colors per floor, an explicit connection with the large hall had to be made and the pleasant environment for both visitor and artist was enhanced.


At the entrance, the counter on the right has been refreshed, but the path to the coat deposit has also been changed, with a chic carpet that matches the classic look of the theatre. The public foyers radiate more tranquility and give visitors a comfortable feeling. By working with different fabrics, colors and light, these spaces have been given exactly the look that fits so well with the characteristic theatre.


Now it seems that more will soon be possible from the Dutch government and theaters can finally receive guests again for a night out. If so, Stadsschouwburg Haarlem is in any case ready for the future and can provide these people with an unforgettable evening.