Fume cupboards from INTOS

Fume cupboards from INTOS

Protection by extraction in a room to be closed off; the fume hood is indispensable in a laboratory! Fume cupboards provide safety and ensure you and a safe working environment. Safety and security in the workplace are our top priority. Years of experience have brought us to the development of the INTOS Lab Solutions fume hood. With this fume hood we offer physical protection in all types of laboratories where chemicals are used. All details of the fume hood ensure optimal operation and maximum efficiency for your safety!

The specifications of our fume hood

The Intosafe fume hood has been designed and built for you with great care and expertise. The fume cupboards are standard equipped with LED lighting, ceramic worktop, CAV system, controller with real-time readout, optical and acoustic alarm and two wall sockets.


Expansion options

In addition to the standard specifications of our fume cupboards, you also have the option of adding extra options to the fume cupboard. We offer these options in order to offer a suitable fume cupboard for everyone. The additional options are as follows:


  • Different types of gas taps (with or without pressure reducing valve)
  • Water tap(s), Demi water tap and drain trap
  • Extra wall sockets
  • VAV systems
  • Automatic window control with timer and sensor
  • SCAT system with level sensor
  • Internal wall sockets (EX)
  • Tripod Mount
  • Base cabinet type: Regular, fireproof (30 min) or chemical resistant

The many extra options offer endless possibilities. This allows us to tailor the fume cupboard completely to your wishes.

Why the Intosafe fume hood?

INTOS Lab Solutions has more than 20 years of experience with laboratory furniture. This specialized branch of INTOS creates fully-fledged laboratory equipment that meets the highest requirements. We know which requirements and needs we have to meet. That is why the quality of materials, ergonomics, flexibility, integration of installations and the associated finish and aesthetics are central to us.

In addition to the basics and the extra options, the Intosafe fume hood has even more advantages. First of all, the fume cupboard complies with the NEN14175 standard and the NPR4500 guideline. This demonstrates the safety and correct functioning of the cabinets. Much attention has been paid to the easy maintenance of the cabinets. Even if something needs to be replaced, supplemented or viewed, this can easily be done without having to move the fume cupboard.

Different models

The Infosafe fume hood is made in 3 different models:


  • Intosafe 12
  • Intosafe 15
  • Intosafe 18

The names of the models are based on the varied widths; 1.20 meters, 1.50 meters and 1.80 meters. Every wish, every space and every process can make use of these models. As a sparring partner, we are always open to look at every special wish and to think along for a suitable solution!


Do you have questions about our fume cupboards, is the desired option not listed or are you curious about our other lab furniture? Look here for our other lab furniture, or feel free to contact us!