Engineers shortage drove INTOS to set up internal training traject

Engineers shortage drove INTOS to set up internal training traject

INTOS has set up its own training program for engineers due to the enormous shortage of these specialists in interior branch. With the nine-month and company-specific training program, we started training seven employees since this month. In doing so, we are in line with the theoretical training program of the Horizon College, which starts the first of September.

Engineer training Horizon College

Due to the crisis, it was not possible for many companies in the interior design industry to train employees. The Horizon College Heerhugowaard was the only instructor in North of the Netherlands until six years ago that offered an engineering’s education for the furniture industry. But the crisis forced them to stop this. With as result it became increasingly difficult for interior builders in the North of the Netherlands to attract new engineers or to retrain employees from different educational backgrounds. Because of the economic growth the  demand for these specialists increased and therefore also the whish for a engineering education.

Collaboration trainer and interior industry

Paul Gunneweg, lecturer Horizon College: "Now it is going well again in the interior design industry, companies see the need to train engineers. By working together with large interior builders in the area, such as INTOS, we have tightened up the subject-matter of our education. We were also able to secure a number of participants through their interest and thus guarantee the start. The INTOS Training program for engineers is complementary to our education, but can also be followed separately. In this way INTOS facilitates internal growth in a low-threshold manner. We are delighted that INTOS is investing so intensively in training the right professionals with its own training program."

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accretion new professionals

Jan-Willem Spanjaart, Manager Business Development INTOS and mentor of the engineers in training: "Knowledge gathering is becoming increasingly important for employees, we notice that every day. It is therefore important to use of existing educational options, but also to continue to look critically at the needs of the own organization. At INTOS, engineers have a broad role. Of course we have our own work processes, schedules, financial monitoring and elaboration and drawing programs. This required an additional company-specific training program, which is part of the INTOS training and development plan called INTOP. Experienced colleagues now share their knowledge in our engineers class according to a fixed structure and with specific intervision moments. It is good to invest as an industry more in internal or external training in order to secure the qualitative growth of new engineers and other professionals within the interior branch."