Another successful INTOS day!

Another successful INTOS day!

Traditionally, INTOS packs a big punch every year to go out together in the form of an INTOS weekend. These weekends are always fully planned with fun, sporty activities in which work is put aside for a while and attention is paid to simply doing fun things together. By doing all kinds of varied activities with each other, there is automatically a lot of laughter, which automatically benefits the team spirit.

This time there was no INTOS weekend on the program, but an INTOS day was chosen, just like last year. Given the current state of affairs regarding Corona, the management seemed to be the most suitable solution for this moment.

On the day of departure, everyone who had registered was shown the program. We would all leave at 11:00 for View in Almere, a location on a recreational lake where all kinds of special activities can be done.

At 12:00 we opened with a welcome lunch. Then we were divided into 12 large groups to start with the first activity of the day: Expedition Robinson. 8 different games were then explained to us, where we had to compete against each other in teams for the win. An obstacle course was battled by completing a course, crawling, walking backwards, constructing a staircase and then finishing by being the first team to light the campfire.

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In other fields, ropes were pulled or the highest possible structure had to be made of bamboo sticks. On still other fields, life-size djenga was played or balls had to be caught that were fired from a catapult. All in all, very nice games that required good cooperation.

Then everyone was given the opportunity to go out on the water independently. There you could choose from water skiing, wakeboarding or supping. One had a little more trouble standing up than the other, which caused a tense face for one and a big smile for the other. If you didn't want to go out on the water, there was still the option to play beach volleyball or archery.


After these activities, the drinks started followed by the dinner, where you could choose from 4 different cuisines. This tasted fantastic after all the sporting activities and it was nice to talk about the day.

A closing speech by Theo concluded the evening nicely. Here stories were recalled from previous INTOS weekends and we looked back on a successful (and sunny) day where we didn't have to think about work for a while, but went out together. After the speech, the program came to an end and people could return home with a satisfied feeling.

All in all a very successful INTOS day!