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X-ray & gamma shielding

From health care to airports and industry

INTOS supplies and installs protective products that shield against X-rays and gamma rays. These can be partition wall systems, lead glass, lead walls and lead frames. We also offer special applications in the area of safety. We are not just a health care supplier, but we also supply airports, research institutions and industry.

Lead walls, doors and frames

INTOS manufactures in-house modular shielding (partition) lead walls, hinged and sliding lead doors and lead frames. The modular wall systems form a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for shielding X-rays. These can be supplied in various finishes and colours. Many of the walls are, depending on the model, simple to assemble and disassemble, easy to move and extend. The X-ray shielding is available in almost every lead thickness required.

Construction materials with shielding properties

In addition to supplying its own range of products INTOS supplies various shielding construction materials like:

  • plaster/lead
  • baryte
  • lead section
  • lead bricks

Heavy-duty shielding

INTOS has developed a unique building system for heavy-duty shielding. The lead insert is positioned in such a way that systems can be completely integrated in both sides of the wall. Hereby, the radiation hygiene remains completely intact. This shielding method is required for lead equivalents of 6 mm Pb and higher.

PET CT and radiotherapy

Through the use of multiple layers in succession all lead thicknesses can be supplied. An additional advantage of this is that various lead equivalents can be utilized next to each other without this being visible. This method has often been applied for PET CT and radiotherapy departments in health care.

Subsequent adaptation

Our heavy-duty shielding system is more than suitable for subsequent adaptation. For example if extra shielding becomes necessary due to another application in the space or changes to the equipment.

Shielding electric sliding doors

INTOS also designs and supplies shielding electric sliding doors with drive motors. These doors are equipped with every option to facilitate safe use and operation.

X-ray shielding products from INTOS

  • high level of shielding & high level of quality
  • 100% radiation hygiene
  • innovative
  • INTOS assists in finding solutions
  • short lead times
  • sustainable

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