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INTOS Lab Solutions

INTOS Lab Solutions creates powerful laboratories by skillfully creating laboratory furniture that matches the work processes and the needs of its users. Because the INTOS laboratory furniture has been developed in collaboration with a high-quality medical laboratory, it meets the most stringent requirements. INTOS creates work tables, cabinets (high storage cabinets, wall cabinets and low base cabinets) and sink basins. As an expert in customized furniture, INTOS easily adapts the standard lab furniture to your needs, in terms of material use, size and color. With our 3D visualization you know exactly what your laboratory interior will look like.


Laboratory furniture with a solid base

INTOS has developed three different frames to build up the lab furniture. These can be used in a wall and island setup. In each setup, INTOS provides a detailed finish. All kinds of cables and media are maneuvered away, but remain accessible so that the laboratory's design remains flexible.

Column framekolomframe_website.jpg

Furniture built on this column frame has a completely free space under the worktop, so that the floor can be cleaned properly. Laboratory tables with this frame are built up in two phases, which benefits the installation of systems and finishing. The frame is attached to the floor and is assembled with skirting board and removable panels. A build-up with, for example, overhead cabinets is possible.

jukken_frame_website.jpgTrestle frame

This trestle frame can be used everywhere. Laboratory tables with this frame are placed separately on the floor or against the wall. The floor cloths of the yokes can be invisibly attached to the floor and be sealed. Within this system, a structure with, for example, shelves is also possible.

Table frametafelframe_website.jpg

This table frame fits in a simple setup and is very suitable as a support table for centrifuges and heavy machinery. Thanks to the adjustable legs, this laboratory table can be placed easily and quickly. An separate build-up system ensures that this frame can be combined with upper cabinets and shelves without the presence of a bearing wall.

Acid and flow cabinets

Biosafety cabinets kojair_biosafety_cabinet_website.jpg

INTOS is official distributor of the Kojair biosafety cabinets (LAF or Flow cabinets), which provides the necessary personal and product protection. With a wide range of different class LAF cabinets, both standard and customized solutions, INTOS can offer the right protection for your lab technicians.

Fume hoodszuurkast_website.jpg

INTOS is exclusive dealer in the Benelux of the fume hoods of Flores Valles, the specialist fume hoods manufacturer. These fume hoods can be flexibly assembled and vary in dimensions, materials use and optional features and user options.

INTOS Green Lab service

In addition to the laboratory furniture and accessories, INTOS Lab Solutions also offers a distinctive service, the INTOS Green Lab service. Laboratory furniture is expected to be sustainable and INTOS is driven to offer a solution-oriented and inventive approach. With the INTOS Green Lab service, INTOS Lab Solutions contributes to the sustainable use of used laboratory furniture in a cost-efficient manner. With the Green Lab service we take care of maintenance, disassembly, relocation and renovation of the entire laboratory interior (regardless of the original supplier) and also of the removal of fume cupboards and biosafety cabinets and the corresponding validation.

Why INTOS Lab Solutions?

• Knowledge-based partner with more than 25 years of experience in customized furniture
• High-quality lab furniture made with an eye for detail
• Efficient work method and short lead time
• Green Lab service for all kinds of laboratory interiors