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X-ray & gamma radiation rejection

INTOS supplies and installs protective products against X-ray and gamma rays. Consider, for example, partition wall systems, lead glass, lead walls and lead frames. We not only supply healthcare, but also airports, research institutions and industry.

Lead walls, doors and frames

INTOS produces modular radiation-resistant (partition) lead walls, revolving and sliding lead doors and lead frames in-house. The modular wall systems are a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for shielding X-ray radiation. These can be supplied in various designs and colors. Many of the walls are, depending on the model, easy to (dis) assemble, easy to move and expand. The various parts are available in almost any lead thickness.

Radiation-resistant building materials

In addition to its own delivery package, INTOS also provides various radiation-resistant building materials such as:

  • lead plaster
  • barite stone
  • lead profiles
  • lead building blocks


INTOS has developed a unique construction system for shielding with a lead thickness of> 6 mm. The lead insert is positioned in such a way that installations can be completely concealed in both sides of the wall. The radiation hygiene remains completely intact.

PET CT en radiotherapy

All lead thicknesses are possible by placing several layers one behind the other. An additional advantage of this is that different lead equivalents can be processed side by side without this being visible. This method has been widely used for the PET CT and radiotherapy departments within healthcare.

Adjustments afterwards

Our heavy-duty shielding system is ideal for retrofitting. For example, if additional shielding is required due to different uses of the space or changes in the equipment.

Radiation-resistant electric sliding doors

INTOS also designs and supplies radiation-resistant electrically operated sliding doors with drive. These are equipped with all options for safe use and operation.

X-ray anti-radiation products from INTOS

  •  high level of finishing & high quality
  •  100% radiation hygiene
  •  Innovative
  •  INTOS thinks solution-oriented
  •  shorter delivery times
  •  sustainable