Laboratory equipment

A laboratory needs high-quality laboratory equipment. To realize a decisive laboratory, only laboratory furniture, such as laboratory tables and laboratory cabinets, is not enough. That is why INTOS also supplies fume cupboards, laminar flow cupboards (LAF cupboards) and separate equipment such as refrigerators and freezers. We do this through exclusive dealerships with high-quality manufacturers. This not only works quickly and carefree, but also creates possibilities for standard and adapted equipment. To fully optimize the ease of use, we have designed various accessories that are easy to place on and around the furniture, such as: extra lighting, tissue holders, dispensers and glove holders.

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High quality standards

The fume cupboard is designed according to the highest safety requirements and meets the NEN 14175 standard. Depending on the type of extraction CA (constant air flow) or VAV (variable air flow), the cabinet can save more than 20 percent energy compared to conventional fume cupboards. The design even takes into account a condensation discharge system of the extraction channels, so that moisture gets into places that are not desired. Because the fume cupboard is almost entirely made of metal, this fume cupboard has a low impact on the environment. The inside of the fume hood is finished with a patented coating, making it resistant to acids and bases. Its ergonomic design makes this a pleasant cabinet to work on.

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Different versions

All types of fume cupboards are equipped with a controller that, in addition to controlling the fume cupboard, also has a flow monitoring system with various alarms and the option of connection to the building management system.

The fume hood can be delivered table top, on a C-beam or standing on different types of base units: ordinary, storage of acids and bases and fireproof. The last two mentioned are connected to the extraction.

The range is extensive and various models are available. The fume cupboards vary in size, use of materials and use of color and can be flexibly put together with regard to external characteristics and user functionalities. As a result, the fume cupboards can also be adapted to your house style or other appearance wishes.

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Laminar flow cabinet

In addition to fume cupboards, INTOS can also supply Laminar flow cupboards (LAF cupboard), also known as flow cupboard, pull cupboard, biosafety cupboard or down flow / cross flow cupboard. These cabinets offer the necessary personal and product protection. Different type and brands of LAF cabinets have been placed in different projects in recent years. We can offer a tailor-made safety cabinet for every type of lab and process and deliver it immediately ready for use in addition to installation. the mandatory validation. In this way, INTOS can offer the suitable protection for your laboratory technicians for every application.

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Other laboratory equipment

In addition to the fume cupboard and LAF cupboards, INTOS also supplies all other equipment that is needed to turn a laboratory into an effective workplace. Through our network of high-quality suppliers with a lot of knowledge and experience, we always quickly have access to various laboratory equipment such as a lab centrifuge, laboratory freezer, laboratory refrigerator, lab oven, laboratory dishwasher or the commonly used point extraction.

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Laboratory accesoiries

Finally, INTOS has a number of accessories that simplify working in the laboratory and ensure that the workplace remains free and organized.

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