Laboratory cabinets

INTOS supplies a variety of laboratory cabinets for the storage of substances, tools, equipment or other laboratory necessities. For example, we supply lower and upper cabinets, chemical cabinets also called pop-up cabinets or fire safety cabinets and high cabinets. Typical materials used in the cabinets are: melanin, HPL and solid core.



Laboratory base cabinets

INTOS makes the laboratory base cabinets in such a way that they can be used flexibly under the worktop or provided with wheels. These base units are available in different variants, whereby the width, drawers, doors or a combination are part of the choice. Wishes such as color, material or the use of an All-modul system can be offered at any time.


Laboratory wall cabinets

Expansion with laboratory wall cabinets above the work tables is possible within the INTOS range in the form of various cabinets and shelves that can be flexibly attached to the steel construction frame. Naturally, the crooks cupboards can also be hung directly on the wall. Wall units can be fitted with doors or sliding windows, among other things.


Chemical cabinet

INTOS is a permanent distributor of the Asecos fire safety cabinets and quickly supplies various variants. In a chemical cupboard, also called pop cupboard, storage cupboard, safety cupboard or fire safety cupboard, chemicals and other hazardous substances can be stored, so that the work environment can be safely left behind. These cabinets provide protection against explosions and fire spread and give personnel enough time to escape and carry out evacuations and extinguishing work. In addition to chemical storage in both high, low and pharmacy cabinet versions, we can also supply the storage of gas bottles, chemical handling and extraction.


High laboratory cabinets

In addition to chemical cabinets and laboratory base and wall cabinets, INTOS also supplies high cabinets for the laboratory. Such as sample cabinets, pharmacy cabinets, glass cabinets or just for storage. Just like all other laboratory furniture that INTOS supplies, it can also be fully customized.


Laboratory pass-through cabinet 

INTOS builds standard or custom laboratory pass-through cabinets that can be opened from both sides. These pass-through boxes are all equipped with an interlock system that can be carried out mechanically or electrically. If desired, these cabinets can also be supplied with an all-modul system. The doors can be supplied with gas to increase ease of use. The pass-through box is available in solid core, wood or stainless steel.

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