Info reuse and Greenlab Service

Re-use of laboratory furniture is a cost-effective option to optimize your laboratory equipment. Besides making laboratory furniture, laboratory cabinets, tables, fume cupboards, LAF cabinets and other laboratory equipment and accessories, INTOS Lab Solutions also offers a distinctive service; the Green Lab Service. With the Green Lab Service, INTOS contributes to making existing laboratory furniture sustainable in a cost-efficient way.

INTOS Green Lab Service

Laboratory furnishings are expected to be sustainable in use. This is often also the case because laboratory furniture and lab equipment are constructed from robust materials. However, daily use can leave traces that are disruptive or even limit the functioning within a laboratory. With the Green Lab service, INTOS takes care of the repair, disassembly, renovation, relocation and relocation and maintenance of existing laboratory equipment regardless of the original supplier, including the relocation of fume cupboards and LAF cupboards and the associated validation. This results in significant cost savings compared to a new laboratory design and contributes to sustainability goals.

Various services within the Green Lab Service

The Green Lab service includes various services that can be purchased separately or as a total package. The infographic below shows this.




Why INTOS Green Lab service?

  • Making or keeping the laboratory furniture sustainable

  • Cost savings compared to a completely new interior

  • Efficient working method and short lead time