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A laboratory needs high-quality laboratory equipment. Only laboratory furniture is not enough to realize a decisive laboratory. That is why INTOS also supplies fume cupboards, laminar flow cupboards (LAF cupboards) and separate equipment such as refrigerators and freezers. We do this by entering into exclusive dealerships with high-quality manufacturers. This not only works quickly and carefree but also creates possibilities for standard and adapted equipment. To fully optimize the ease of use, we have designed various accessories that are easy to place on and around the furniture, such as: extra lighting, tissue holders, dispensers and glove holders.

INTOS takes care of everything from A to Z

Since its foundation in 1991, INTOS has been active in healthcare. We have experience with the design of nursing wards, entrance areas and restaurants. But also with the interior of rooms for which specific knowledge is required, such as clean rooms and laboratories. INTOS has also been a member of the Contamination Control Netherlands Association (VCCN) since 2016. Whatever your design issue for medical interiors is, we are happy to help you from A to Z.

Specialized products

Our experience in healthcare goes beyond solid knowledge in the field of interior finishing. In recent years we have built up expertise in anti-radiation products. For many clients we provide lead glass and other elements such as walls and doors in all shapes and sizes. We are now one of the largest suppliers in the Netherlands. Our own laboratory concept is also part of our product range.

Regular contact persons; very nice

INTOS works in small teams that have a high degree of responsibility. From engineering to delivery. This way you keep the same contact person and the same familiar faces on location throughout the entire process. Very nice!



In recent years we have realized many projects in healthcare. Below are some examples.


INTOS works for many different clients within the medical industry. Clients we work for:

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