Solutions for a safe workplace during Corona


During the corona pandemic, a safe workplace is an important priority. INTOS comes up with solutions to make the workplace corona-proof. These products provide protection, help to keep your distance, clearly indicate a re-routing or make it easier to move safely through a room.

Tailor-made workplace solutions during Corona

As a custom furniture maker, INTOS knows better than anyone that every situation requires a specific implementation. The standardized products and solutions for a safe workplace can be adapted to your situation and needs. INTOS makes a specific proposal based on a map, photos or a site visit.

Semi-permanent workplace solutions during Corona

INTOS focuses on (semi) permanent solutions of high quality to make your workplace corona-proof. All products are tailor-made according to standardized INTOS principles. They can be attached semi-permanently, so that no damage occurs during disassembly.

The material is determined on the basis of the expected intensity of use. The products are installed by our own INTOS service technicians.

Shielding solutions

Desk screens as shieldings

INTOS makes different types of counter screens and mudguards to protect your employees. These screens can be applied to all types of counters and for different situations. A screen of glass or acrylic, with or without speaking equipment and with the choice between permanent, semi-permanent or temporary mounting. INTOS can also place screening between the workplaces.


Mudguards for serving counters for the catering industry

We also supply shielding for dispensing counters for the catering industry. These mudguards are intended as a permanent solution and are made of stainless steel and safety glass. They are of high quality and therefore very durable.


Safe workplace with breathing screens

Screens can be placed between each place to create safe workplaces. It is also possible to opt for screens between walking routes and workplaces, so that employees and passers-by do not experience each other.

The desk screens can be designed in two ways. INTOS, for example, supplies a temporary acrylic insert screen that can be mounted on an existing desk screen. You can also opt for an acoustic and circular desk screen.


Mobile screen for laboratories

INTOS has also found a suitable solution for laboratories. These mobile screens can be made in various designs. The frame can be supplied powder coated or completely stainless steel. The panel is available in glass, plexiglass, whiteboard and metal. Instead of wheels, you can also opt for flat feet.


Keeping solutions at bay

Floor to ceiling screen

Screens running from the floor to the ceiling ensure that access flows from multiple directions are separated. This is an important custom solution for busy points. This way, people from opposite directions do not have to mix up. These walls can be installed in rooms from 2200 mm wide.


Mirros to keep your distance

By placing mirrors in the corners of narrow corridors and stairs you help passers-by to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. In this way they can better assess whether they can continue or have to wait for someone else to pass.

Communicate 1,5 meters away

Clear communication helps to steer everyone in the same direction. Floor stickers in the shape of an arrow and indicating '1.5 meters distance' are helpful. We supply printed floor mats for soft floors, such as carpet.

Shield areas

Another option is to screen off places where a 1.5 meter distance cannot be guaranteed. Think seating on benches and washbasins in toilets.


Other resources safe workplace COVID-19


INTOS can take over the complete implementation of COVID-19 security measures. Think of hand sanitizers, elbow door openers and signing.



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