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Full service specialist in interior fitting out
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Create a good first impression with your interior

Your interior reflects your identity. INTOS is fully aware of this. Together with the interior design, project or concept agencies, contractors or other people involved, we show you at your best through your interior. Over the past few years, we have been fortunate enough to be able to create many beautiful projects for different companies, banks, hotels & restaurants, retailers, government, museums & theatres and education institutes.

Choosing INTOS means opting for:

  • full-service solutions
  • innovative interior solutions
  • flexibility and speed
  • a solution-oriented approach
  • high quality and sustainability
  • experienced teams of project leaders 



Below you will find a number of examples of projects we have realised in the past few years.


INTOS works for many different customers in various industries, both at home and abroad. These customers include:

Client overview