Counters & desks

Standard designs or customer-specific

INTOS has broad experience in designing, manufacturing and installing of all manner of counters and desks. In addition to supplying its own desks designs, INTOS’ strength lies in its ability to develop customer-specific desks. We take care of the development, engineering, manufacture and installation. We have extensive experience with:

  • check-in counters 
  • immigration & emigration desks
  • information desks or service counters
  • gate counters
  • transfer desks
  • customs desks
  • ticket sales desks

In addition to made-to-measure desks we have developed standard designs, like the EASY counter range, CURVED counter range, Oval and Mono.

EASY counter range

The EASY counter range is a reception desk concept that is cleverly engineered, with a wide range of colours for customers. The combination of back-painted glass or HPL (front panel), compact laminate (worktop, sides and printer cabinet) and Corian (counter top), create a high-quality counter with many possibilities for customisation. Thanks to the smart engineering, INTOS is able to offer these counters at very competitive prices.

CURVED counter range

The CURVED counter range developed by INTOS comprises an inviting vacuum-formed Corian front panel, available in various Corian colours. In combination with a compact laminate desk top, sides and a printer cabinet, the CURVED is a perfect blend of design and durability.

Mono innovative reception counter design

Mono is a counter design that allows for the expansion of the basic counter with various extras, depending on the airport’s wishes. It is a high-quality desk, applicable for different purposes, with an innovative design and attractive price. This is one of the ways in which INTOS meets the increasing demand from small and medium-sized airports for innovative desks, but who do not have sufficient budget to develop their own.

Oval counter design made from high-quality Corian

The Oval is a counter design made from the high-quality material Corian, which can be used for a whole range of purposes. As an information desk, service desk, check-in desk or next to the gate as a boarding control desk. The Oval is available as a fixed desk, and also as a rotating desk.

INTOS realised serveral projects, e.g.:

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