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EASY airport counter

Qualitive and affordable airport counter

INTOS developed in 2014 in response to a customers' request for a clean and simple EASY counter range. The EASY counter range is a desk concept that is cleverly engineered and competitive priced. By combining high quality materials with a basic design, INTOS offers with the EASY a functional and affordable counter.

Standard counter with extra options

EASY is a counter which, like the MONO and the CURVED counter, is made up of a sleek front and a functional rear building. The EASY consists mainly of compact laminate and has a standard Corian top, a front plate of painted glass, a stainless steel plinth and foot rail. The counter can be customized in types of material, dimensions and functionality. In this way an airport can be a constistent in his appearance despite the different areas in the airports.

Configuration & utilities

EASY counter concept offers various options and can be built in every conceivable arrangement. As an individual office, as a double desk in a row or even in every conceivable island formation. EASY is designed so that the counter can be used at an airport in several places as under:
• check-in counter
• information desk
• transfer counter
• gate counter
• customs office
• Service desk

Why choose EASY?

• High Quality
• Affordable desk
• standard concept with expansion options
• Various configurations are possible
• sustainable