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DINOX airport counter

Durable and versatile airport counter range

INTOS recently developed a new standard airport counter  range based on market needs, both nationally and internationally. There was a need for a standard desk where a large variety of rich materials could be processed so that each airport could give its own twist to the appearance of the counter, but which was also strong and had an accessible price. Especially for airports that are looking for a decent desk with a contemporary appearance, the DINOX is interesting.

High quality materials

The DINOX counter is a durable and versatile counter. The desk consists of high-quality fibreboard that can be finished in different colors. The front can be finished with an HPL (in any color or motif) or with a glass front with the back painted in a chosen color. The front and sides are provided with a protective corner and skirting of stainless steel. The sheet can be finished with Corian or Composite.

Numerous utilities

Like all the other INTOS desks, the DINOX counter is suitable for every imaginable airport requirement and can be utilized as:
• check-in counter
• Information desk
• Transfer counter
• gate counter
• customs office
• passport counter

Various configurations possible

The DINOX counter range has tremendous versatility and can be built to answer all sorts of airport counter configurations, as individual stand-alone counter, as double counter, rows of counters or various island configurations.

Why choose DINOX?

• versatility of materials possible
• sturdy and durable
• sharply priced
• standard concept with customized appearance
• can be used for various setups