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Essential airport furniture: counters and desks

An essential part of airport interiors is it’s furniture. One of the most important parts of airport furniture are the counters and desks. INTOS has broad experience in designing, manufacturing and installing various types of counters and desks for all sorts of airports.

Tailor made airport counter solutions

As an airport you need counters that fit the work processes and the infrastructure in order to deliver the right level of service provision. Standard desk solutions usually do not fully match your needs. INTOS understands this and creates custom-made counters for airports worldwide.

What differs INTOS from other counter manufacturers?

Our way of working. To provide insight into the counter possibilities, INTOS developed a standard range of counters. We also supply these standard counter and desk designs, but most of the time they serve as a starting point. From this point we start the dialogue with all our customers to make sure we agree on specific needs & wishes. This in order to provide you with a tailor made counter solution, which perfectly suits all your other airport furniture.

Smooth integration hardware in airport counters

All kinds of hardware components need to be integrated in the airport counters and desks. With the growing attention for self-service check-in the importance of a smooth integration is increasing, from an esthetical and a functional point of view. That’s why INTOS always invests in discussing the right system integration with suppliers. Suppliers from it’s customers network or out of it’s own network of airport partners.

Various airport counters solutions

INTOS delivers all kinds of airport counters and desks. We have extensive experience with:

  • check-in counters 
  • immigration & emigration desks
  • information desks or service counters
  • gate counters
  • transfer desks
  • customs desks
  • ticket sales desks

Curious about our standard airport counters designs?

INTOS has developed five standard airport counter range designs: the EASY, CURVED, OVAL, MONO and DINOX. These designs can be used in all types of counter and desks solutions needed at an airport. And as said before, all can be adjusted in order to serve the look and feel of your airport furniture and optimizing it’s functionality. Without adjustments these standard designs of course can serve one on one airports without specific wishes or a sufficient development budget.

EASY airport counter design: clever and competitive


The EASY counter range is a desk concept that is cleverly engineered and competitive priced. The combination of back-painted glass or HPL (front panel), compact laminate (worktop, sides and printer cabinet) and Corian (counter top), create a high-quality counter.

CURVED airport counter design: well designed and durable


The CURVED counter range comprises an inviting vacuum-formed Corian front panel, available in various Corian colors. In combination with a compact laminate desk top, sides and a printer cabinet, the CURVED is a perfect blend of design and durability.

MONO airport counter design: innovative and timeless


The MONO counter range is a counter design that allows for the expansion of the basic counter with various extras, depending on the airport’s wishes. It is a high-quality desk, applicable for different purposes, with an innovative design and attractive price.

OVAL airport counter design: ergonomic and eye catching


The OVAL counter range is a counter range has a unique ergonomic design made from the high-quality material Corian. The Oval is available as a fixed desk, and also as a rotating desk.

DINOX airport counter design: durable and versatile


The DINOX airport counter range is a counter range consisting of high-quality board materials with protective corners at the front and sides of stainless steel. These materials make this a durable and versatile counter.

INTOS realised several airport furniture projects

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