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Airport interiors

INTOS realizes airport interiors since it’s establishment in 1991. We are specialized in creating all kinds of innovative futureproof and above all custom made and integrated airport interior solutions. INTOS realizes specialized products like airport counters and desks, airport signage and airport security related products. With all we do we aim to uplift the level of experience at your airport! 

How INTOS creates airport interiors?

INTOS is not a standard airport equipment company. INTOS literally shapes vision. From the idea until the concept, realization and engineering, installation and maintenance, during the whole process INTOS is a partner with a critical view. One who always searches for innovative and futureproof airport interior solutions that matches the exact whishes of a specific airport. By having the ability to create all kinds of custom made airport interior solutions in house, our products always fit the work processes and infrastructure of your airport.

Knowledge of airport design standards

INTOS has worked with all kinds of airports worldwide. That’s why we have a profound knowledge of all airport design standards and criteria. In developing a new airport interior we constantly use these standards and criteria to make sure we meet these guidelines.

Specialized and dedicated teams for airport projects

All kinds of customers in the airport industry can count on the professional skills of our specialized project teams. Airport interior projects often demand unusual interior solutions. Knowing that you will have a dedicated and committed team at your disposal, gives you the certainty of a pleasant collaboration. In addition, we always facilitate one familiar contact person to provide efficient communication during the project.

INTOS’ partnerships for airport interiors

INTOS has an extensive network of specialized partners such as architects, contractors, technology experts, like SG11 and Point Forward, airport consultants like Airportcreators, concept developers and designers, like Bsquared. In cooperation with them, INTOS realized a wide range of innovations at airports worldwide. An example is the rotatable Oval check-in counter, developed by INTOS for Schiphol.

Choosing INTOS is opting for:

  • An innovative and solution-oriented approach
  • A pragmatic knowledge partner in airport interior
  • High level of quality, from engineering to finish
  • One-stop-shop approach: design, engineering, manufacturing and installation in one

Opt for INTOS too

Airport interior reference projects

Our years of experience in airports we have captured in project examples we have completed in recent years.


INTOS works for many different customers in the Airport industry, both at home and abroad. These customers include:

Client overview