Innovative, international interior contracting

INTOS is an innovative, internationally oriented company, specialised in the total interior finishing and fitting out of airports. INTOS has more than 25 years of experience with fitting out airport terminals. That's why her clients and partners see INTOS as a real knowledge partner. INTOS literally shapes vision. From the idea until the concept, the realization, installation and maintenance, in the whole process is INTOS a partner with a critical view. One who always searches for the best solution and takes full responsibility in the execution of the project.

Specialised project teams with sound professional knowledge

Customers in this industry can count on the professional skills of specialised project teams. With a keen eye on the requirements of a modern airport terminal, INTOS delivers high-quality innovative comprehensive solutions. INTOS supplies the complete interior of lounges & restaurants, retail areas, piers and gates. Next to this INTOS has counters for various applications, signage and security-related products in her assortment.



INTOS has an extensive network of specialized partners such as architects, contractors, technology experts, concept developers and designers. In cooperation with them, INTOS realized a wide range of innovations at airports worldwide. An example is the rotatable Oval check-in counter, developed by INTOS for Schiphol.

Along with SG11, a specialist in technological product development for security and logistics processes, INTOS is working on the realization of detection devices, including the Shoe Scanner, which are based on the of UV scanning technology. The role of INTOS in the product development is to translate the idea of SG11 to an aesthetic concept and ultimately to realize an optimal functioning product.

With Bsquared, designer specializing in airport design, INTOS has realized several design projects for example in developing and realizing various counter ranges.

Choosing INTOS is opting for:

  • innovativeness
  • a solution-oriented approach
  • years of experience in airports
  • high level of quality, from engineering to finish
  • one-stop-shop approach: design, engineering, manufacturing and installation in one
  • made to measure

Opt for INTOS too


INTOS has more than 25 years of experience in airports. We have included a number of examples of projects that we have completed in recent years below.


INTOS works for many different customers in the Airport industry, both at home and abroad. These customers include:

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