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Standard concepts or customer-specific

Standard concepts or customer-specific
INTOS supplies standard counter concepts developed in-house, but our strength lies in the development of customer-specific counter concepts. INTOS has extensive experience in designing, producing and installing all kinds of counters and desks, such as:

  • check-in counters
  • immigration & emigration desks
  • information & service counters 
  • gate counters
  • transfer desks
  • customs decks
  • ticket sales counters

Below are our standard counter concepts, namely: the EASY counter range, CURVED counter range, OVAL, MONO and the DINOX.

EASY counter range

The Easy counter range is a cleverly engineered counter concept that offers a wide choice of colors. The combination of backpainted glass or HPL (front panel), compact laminate (worktop, sides and printer cabinet) and Corian (counter top), ensures a high-quality counter with many customization options. Thanks to smart engineering, INTOS is able to offer these counters for a competitive price.

CURVED counter range

The CURVED counter range developed by INTOS consists of an inviting vacuum-curved Corian front panel, available in various Corian colors. In combination with a compact laminate worktop, sides and printer cabinet, the CURVED is a perfect combination between design and solidity.

MONO innovative counter concept

MONO is a counter concept in which a basic counter can be expanded with various extras, depending on the airport's wishes. It is a high-quality counter, applicable for various purposes, with an innovative design and an attractive price. With this, INTOS meets the increasing demand from small and medium-sized airports for innovative counters, but does not have the budgets to have them developed themselves.

OVAL counterconcept made of high-quality Corian

The OVAL is a counter concept made of high-quality material, Corian and can be used for various purposes. Either as an information desk, service desk, check-in desk or at the gate as a boarding desk. The OVAL is available as a fixed counter, but also as a rotating counter.

DINOX counter: durable and versatile

The DINOX counter is a new counter type from INTOS. The DINOX counter is a durable and versatile counter. The counter consists of high-quality sheet material that can be finished in various colors. The front can be finished with an HPL (in any color or motif) or with a glass front, the back of which is painted in a chosen color. The front and sides have a protective corner and stainless steel plinth. The top can be finished with Corian or Composite.

Clients for whom we have delivered projects are: