Theo Spanjaart

Theo Spanjaart

Founder & Motivator

A characteristic of INTOS is that we add intelligence to professional craftsmanship. Think first, before taking action. From an early stage we listen carefully to our customers’ requirements and explore the best way to answer their needs. We hear from interior designers and customers that they perceive us as a collaborative partner and not just as an implementing party.
Our people are a determining factor for our success. All strong individuals, who have to be able to work effectively as a team. This is why INTOS first looks at the personality - whether he or she fits in - and second at the intrinsic qualifications. You can only deliver good work with a close-knit team and arrive at the best results for the customer.
Continuity is important here too. Which is why we ensure that the people at INTOS can continue to develop and do what they enjoy. INTOS already has eight shareholders who all have key positions within the organisation. That this has paid dividends is clear from the fact that people stay with INTOS for a long time. And this is part of the reason for our success. Something I am proud of!