Hans Matze

Hans Matze

Operations Director I Partner

Five years ago, we worked almost exclusively in the Netherlands. Our products are now in a dozen or so foreign airports and the airport world has beaten a path to our door. That this has taken place partly under my management makes me proud.
I like to explore new things…it does not matter if it is an exotic location abroad or the implementation of improvements within INTOS. I am also pleased when I see how much colleagues enjoy working on a project in a distant land. You can meet with matters there that you considered impossible in the Netherlands. Then your work suddenly becomes an adventure.
We certainly raise the bar at INTOS. There is a good atmosphere, there is a lot of team work and everyone is dedicated to quality. In complex projects I see it as a tremendous challenge to achieve good results with the team. We are only satisfied when a project is entirely completed and once again we leave a happy customer behind.