Diederik  Hein

Diederik Hein

Managing Director

Ensuring that every aspect of every project is a success. And especially managing to exceed the customer’s expectations. This is an integral part of the enjoyment and challenge in my work!
In almost 25 years we have built up a splendid and robust company. Every day, over a hundred people work for INTOS with great enjoyment and complete dedication on an enormous diversity of interior design projects. And I survey this with great pleasure and pride!
What makes working at INTOS so great is that you cannot help but notice that everyone has the same focus: the customer has to be happy! Everyone contributes a high degree of passion and professionalism here.
As a team, we are good at the development and realisation of complex interior design projects, in which our engineering capacities are pushed to the limit and the lead times are often extremely short. In brief: we are not afraid of a challenge at INTOS!