INTOS in video

Do you like to see us in video? We understand that: it's very efficient and visually exciting. Below you will find an overview of our videos. Take a look at it at ease.

Introduction INTOS

Did you miss the video on our homepage? But are you curious about how we do the thing we do at INTOS? Check out the video below, in which you will also see some of INTOS most characteristic projects.


INTOS craftsmanship

INTOS makes custom made furniture. This specific project had very high quality standards and specialistic requirements for the look&feel and the material. Here you see how we used our crafstmanship skills to create this unique piece of furniture.


INTOS Lab Solutions

Lab Solutions is the INTOS product line for laboratory equipment. With Lab Solutions, INTOS creates custom laboratory interiors that meets the highest standards and seamlessly matches the work processes and needs of all users. After a short lead time, a high-quality work and research environment is created within only great performances are delivered. Want to know how we build a laboratory on location?


Realisation multifunctional main office uniQure

UniQure, leader in the field of gene therapy, took their new office building into use at the Paasheuvelweg in Amsterdam in the last week of April 2017. The building, the former office of the Royal Bank of Scotland, has been completely stripped, rebuild and furnished under the supervision of INTOS as main contractor.


INTOS Airports

INTOS realizes airport interiors since it’s establishment in 1991. We are specialized in creating all kinds of innovative futureproof and above all custom made and integrated airport interior solutions. INTOS Airports realizes specialized products like airport counters and desks, airport signage and airport security related products. With all we do we aim to uplift the level of experience of airports worldwide! 


Space-saving search cabin for airports

As a part of the of the INTOS security-related products supplies for airports worldwide, INTOS has developed the space-saving search cabin. Visitation booths are only used a few times a day, often being seen as a waste of space. INTOS has developed a solution that offers optimal functionality and saves space. Want to get a closer on the way this cabin can be used?


INTOP, the INTOS Development Plan

At INTOS it is bursting with talents! To ensure that everyone can use their talents in a optimal way, INTOS has set up INTOP, the INTOS Development Plan. From practical to theoretical development, with INTOP, the INTOS professionals  can achieve the top of their own talent. Want to get a closer look at INTOP? Watch underneath our video.


De INTOS cultuur

Not only our range of products and services are characteristic and distinctive for INTOS, but also our way of working. Get a look at the INTOS culture through the video below!


INTOS Familyday 2018

How do you let the home front know how a working day really is at your job? It is always difficult to put into words what happens, what the company looks like and where exactly is your workplace. That is why INTOS organized the INTOS Family Day Saturday, June 9th. On this day all INTOS employees were allowed to bring their relatives and friends to show them all the nooks and crannies of INTOS. It was a great success. In total 600 people used this day to experience INTOS. To bad you have missed this! But this video gives you an insight in this special day.