Innovation and development are important at INTOS. We make it a priority to keep meeting the criteria of the changing markets. We think along with our customers about their current and future needs. We are continuously involved in development projects to create furniture that improves the user experience. 


Pantry with re-used frame

In the context of sustainability and circularity we can re-use parts of old furniture into the new furniture. For example, we can use the frame of an existing pantry and place new doors and fronts on it, so it looks brand new. This way you create a new look but also show the importance of recycling.


Hybrid counter

The hybrid counter can be installed on any airport. As a passenger you can drop your bags yourself, but the counter can also be manned by an agent. This counter fills the gap between complete self-service and the service of check-in by an agent. The counter is completely adjustable to the needs and look of the airport. 


X-ray shielding products


Since 1992, our specialist department Medical & Shielding has been working on developing, producing and delivering X-ray and gamma ray shielding products. Think about partitions, lead glass, walls, doors and frames. We do not only deliver to health care institutions, but also to airports, research institutions and the industry. 


Ergonomic laboratory table

For several laboratories we have developed a mobile ergonomic table that is adjustable in height. The table is build on rotatable wheels that makes the furniture very adroit and easy to move. Ideal for longer activities in for example laboratories, storage areas, freezers or a stockroom. This mobile laboratory table can be ordered by unit. 


Space Saving Search Cabin

The Space Saving Search Cabin is a product that can be used at any airport. This cabin can be retracted until it is only 8 cm in length and can be contracted and ready for use within a few seconds. This product can save an airport a lot of space. 


Rotatable oval counter

This egg-shaped oval counter is made of the high quality material Corian. This counter is rotatable so that you can get behind it easily. An ideal solution for airports who are looking for a space saving counter.


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