Shielding products

INTOS devotes a lot of time to innovation and development. This is how INTOS meets the increasing demand for innovative and affordable solutions. In 1992, we established a separate division medical & shielding (previously INTEC shielding) for the development, manufacture and supply of shielding products.


In close cooperation with Bsquared, INTOS developed its own reception desk design, MONO, especially for airports at the beginning of 2011. This is how INTOS meets the increasing demand for good quality, innovative and affordable reception desks. The desks can be used for various purposes.


INTOS was involved in the development of the BagDrop. This is an innovative self-service baggage drop-off system. Passengers check in and label their own baggage themselves. The result: time-saving and increased efficiency for airports and passengers.

The Shopping Wall

The Shopping Wall is a self-service shopping kiosk. For the development of The Shopping Wall  AURECO availed itself of the innovative strengths of INTOS. AURECO focuses on the development and manufacturing of automated retail ideas.

Other innovative products from INTOS include:

  • Search cabins for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • X-ray wall system
  • RF wall system - MRI
  • RF door system - MRI
  • Rotating check-in counter for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol  
  • Immersion profile - INTOS patented wall system sell through Häfele

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