Realization of the playful roof garden LUMC

Realization of the playful roof garden LUMC

Commissioned by Ronald McDonald Huis Leiden and designed by Mirato and Van Schie architects, INTOS is helping to build the new Roof Garden of the Leiden University Medical Center. Due to the new construction of the children's department, LUMC needed a new Roof Garden at a central location of the hospital. This Roof Garden is the playground for little patients and their families. It is very important for children to play, also when they are staying in the hospital. INTOS gladly contributes to this.

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The special thing about this project is the extreme dedication from all involved parties. "With 70 volunteers the Ronald McDonald House Leiden is passionately working in the LUMC. Their passion feeds the enthusiasm of all of us in the realisation of this project. After we have redesigning the neonatology department and the birth house, it is great that INTOS can also contribute to this playful roof garden!", says Arjan Andriessen, project director at INTOS. Due to the good cooperation with Forbo Group, Formica and Blok Plaatmateriaal INTOS could contribute to this project.

lumc_daktuin_gestapelde_elementen_website.jpgProducing playelements 

At the moment, INTOS is producing various custom-made play elements. We also supply the climbing equipment and make sure that these are safely integrated in the total interior of the Roof Garden. The safety of the children is guaranteed by looking at the area from the eyes of a child, thinking carefully about constructions and materialisation, and of course, working closely with specialized inspection agencies.

According to the current planning, the roof garden will be opened in June 2018.