PETS at Schiphol

PETS at Schiphol

That INTOS runs real diverse projects shows this special one. Studio Florentijn Hofman was commissioned by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to make a huge cat and dog. The pets had to create a homely and familiar atmosphere at Holland Boulevard. INTOS fulfilled the challenging logistics role in this project.

Enormous PETS

Studio Florentine Hofman has spent 1.5 years on realising the project PETS, from the start of the contract to the actual placement. The two cuddly and enormous pets (the cat is 6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 1.5 meters high and the dog is 4 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and more than one meter high) were created within three months. They are made from fire retardant polyester with an inner core of foam, coated with a specially designed and manufactured high-pile wool carpet.

Placement at the airport

Once finished, the pets had to be placed at Holland Boulevard. Because INTOS is performing interior work at Schiphol on a structural base, for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol itself and for various concessionaires including retail and hospitality venues, INTOS knows the way at the airport well and the Schiphol requirements. Therefore, Studio Florentine Hofman asked INTOS to accompany them in the placement. This led to a challenging tour through the labyrinth of the largest airport in the Netherlands with two huge animals. Meanwhile, they're at the airport for a few months now and have welcomed millions of passengers.

This movie shows the making off of the pets and the placement at the airport.