Muggenronde & the INTOS team

Muggenronde & the INTOS team

The Muggenronde, the cycling spectacle in Haarlem for the youth, celebrated this year its 60 years anniversary. At the event that took place last week, 85 children between 9 and 15 years old took part spread across 17 sponsored cycling teams. For 15 years INTOS embraces this event.

Social event

During the Muggenronde, where each child has free access to with its own bike from mountain bike to city bike, there are daily tests on speed and agility. With all these tests each teams can win prizes. But that's not the most important thing. "It's a social event that makes sport accessible and connects people, gives all participants a sense of belonging. Everyone, fat, thin, adhd, add, autistic, poor or rich, is part of the Muggenronde. It is a place where friendships grow for life and that's incredibly special", said Ben Prins, Chairman of the Haarlem Muggenronde Foundation.

The INTOS Team

And how did the INTOS team do it? "The INTOS team did a great job! In fact, beker_muggenronde_2017.jpgbetter than ever! The boys team scored the second place in the team classification and the girls team made it to the fourth place." The winning cup is now shining at INTOS!