INTOS member of Task Force Health Care

INTOS member of Task Force Health Care

INTOS has become member of the Task Force Health Care (TFHC). After an administrative approval of the TFHC, INTOS now joins the private-public platform for the Dutch Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector. The Task Force Health Care aims to improve the quality of the international healthcare using the Dutch expertise.

INTOS, founded 25 years ago, is working ever since in the healthcare sector. Within the healthcare sector INTOS has realized several projects including the fitment of various nursing departments, reception areas and restaurants. Additionally INTOS also has extensive experience in the design of medical areas where specific expertise is required, such as laboratory, radiation protection areas and cleanrooms.

"Within the Task Force Health Care strong Dutch companies are united ranging from designers and consultancies to research institutions and construction companies, that realize the physical hospital environment. Our experience is complementary to that of the other members. The mutual sharing of knowledge and expertise strengthens the LSH sector internationally. It's great that we are now a part of this platform", said Jan-Willem Spanjaart, Business Development Manager.