INTOS Lab Solutions expands its laboratory furniture range with safety cabinets

INTOS Lab Solutions expands its laboratory furniture range with safety cabinets

INTOS Lab Solutions starts a partnership with Asecos. INTOS Lab Solutions from now on supplies the Asecos fire safety storage cabinets as a permanent distributor. With this, INTOS Lab Solutions further expands its range of laboratory equipment and can guarantee quality and speed for the delivery of safety cabinets.

Facilitate top performance in labs together

"Laboratories opt for our laboratory interiors because we realize high-quality work and research environments, use short lead times and always strive for sustainable solutions. Thanks to our partnership with Asecos, we can also guarantee the delivery speed for safety cabinets. Through Asecos' market leadership and expertise in the field of safety and the environment, we have confidence in the high quality of their products. INTOS Lab Solutions is therefore proud of the collaboration and looks forward to jointly optimizing peak performance in labs", says Luuk van Willigenburg, project manager INTOS Lab Solutions.

Only specially selected distributors

"Safety and reliability are key at Asecos. That is why only selected distributors sell our products. We share knowledge with them and making them experts in safety storage cabinets. We experienced INTOS Lab Solutions as a specialist in interior fitting out and a great advisor, who is always searching for the best solutions for every furnishing issue in the labs. Because of that we are really enthusiastic to add them to our network of distributors", says Lennert Meijer, account manager Asecos.

INTOS Lab Solutions on the WOTS

INTOS Lab Solutions can be visited from 2 to 5 October at the World of Technology & Science at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and presents a futuristic laboratory furniture.

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About Asecos

Asecos has been in the market for more than 20 years and is the world leader in fire protection storage cabinets for hazardous materials in accordance with the European standard EN 14470 part 1 and part 2. Asecos stands for: approved, security, ecology and solutions and was the first company in the world to introduce storage cabinets with a fire resistance of ninety minutes. The product and service package now consists of more than 3,000 items ranging from storage, extraction and handling of hazardous substances and associated maintenance.