INTOS is member of the FHI

INTOS is member of the FHI

INTOS is allowed as a member of the Association of Dutch Branch Organization for Laboratory Technology, one of the five branches in which the Federation FHI is active. The membership takes effect immediately and contributes to strengthening the market position of INTOS Lab Solutions: the laboratory fitment of INTOS.

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FHI's mission is 'to be the collective of technology companies that are active in the Dutch market as suppliers of industrial electronics, building automation, industrial automation, laboratory technology and medical technology. The FHI functions as a network and focusses on external business parties and (semi) government institutions.' 

Arjan Andriessen, project director INTOS Lab Solutions: "With this membership INTOS strengthens its network within the laboratory industry. In addition, it increases our own knowledge and in return we contribute to knowledge sharing within the sector. Finally, it gives us better insight into qualitatively interesting cooperation possibilities. In short: we see this membership as a nice step forward!"

INTOS Lab Solutions

INTOS Lab Solutions is a specialist in laboratory interiors. After a short lead time we create work - and research environments that meet the highest requirements, seamlessly connect with the work processes and needs and therefore only facilitate top performance.

400x400_uniqure_laboratorium_paasheuvelweg.jpgINTOS Lab Solutions makes work tables, cabinets and other laboratory furniture. Adjustments in terms of material use, size and color can be realized easily. Through our dealerships we also supply fume cupboards and biosafety cabinets.

In addition to these products, the INTOS Green Lab service provides maintenance, disassembly, displacement and renovation of the entire laboratory interior and equipment.

Contribute to a great performance

Interior contributes within every work environment to the delivered performance, also within laboratories.

"By creating inventive laboratory interiors a high-quality working environment is created. In this, users are optimally facilitated and can therefore deliver top performances. Having the right partners, which we can also find within the FHI, ensures that we can jointly improve our performance in the realisation of laboratories and thus contribute to innovations that this sector produces", says Luuk van Willigenburg, project manager INTOS Lab Solutions.

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The World of Technology & Science (WOTS) will be held at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht from the 2nd till the 5th of October. INTOS will participate for the first time this year as exhibitor with INTOS Lab Solutions. More information about our participation will be presented in the coming months.