INTOS Family Day

INTOS Family Day

How do you let the home front know how a working day really is at your work? It is always difficult to put into words what happens, what the company looks like and where exactly is your work spot. That is why INTOS organized the INTOS Family Day last Saturday, June 9th. On this day all INTOS members were allowed to bring their relatives and friends to show them all the nooks and crannies of INTOS. It was a great success. In total 600 people used this day to experience INTOS

Reason for the Family day fam_dag_welkom_bord.jpg

"Because we were regularly asked by employees whether they could lead friends or relatives around at INTOS and the last open day had already taken place a few years ago, it was time to give our employees that chance. Everyone was free to invite family and friends to visit INTOS throughout the whole day. This generated quite a few registrations", says Diederik Hein, director of INTOS.

A tour d'INTOS

277x240_dh_en_2_mannen.jpgEveryone could see with their own eyes what is happening in the well-known blue glass building on the Waarderweg. During the INTOS Family Day, the INTOS staff acted as guides for their own visitors. They were able to give the tour on the basis of various banners and videos of projects and activities. But visitors were also given the opportunity to participate in workshops and attend various demonstrations. There was something for everyone, young and old.

"The area with all our enormous machines was popular. For everybody it was impressive to see how our colleagues worked with these machines like the CNC’s (computer numerical control machines), the sawing machines and the edge glue machine, and were editing all sorts of materials. Next to that a lot of people also participated with devotion to the shortened INTOS bootcamp lessons and the workshops", says Nienke Bokhorst, employee Event & Marketing at INTOS, enthusiastically. 

Successful day

The visit ended with a drink and a snack and at the end of this warm day even with an ice cream. Theo Spanjaart, founder and motivator: "It was a very successful day. It is fun to organize such a family day, for example every five years, especially now that we hire on a regular basis new employees."

So up to the INTOS Family Day 2023!

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